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Catering Info

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Catering Value Statement

Peace Love and Pizza can take care of all your catering / party needs. What makes our catering menu unique is our ability to take care of your group completely. Rockin' Pizza & Groovy Eats like, Peaceful Salads, Subs & Soul, BuffaLove Wings, Vegan and Gluten Free options always leaves you smiling.

At Peace Love and Pizza, we know it's our responsibility to make food you love. You trust us to make Groovy Eats worthy of your friends and family. That's why we use organic sugar, fresh cut veggies, Black Angus beef, chicken raised cage free with no anti-biotics and "Yes", we have gluten-free crust and vegan/dairy free cheese. Our pizza crust and traditional pizza sauce are Vegan Friendly as well.

It's Important to Us

Shine like a Rock Star! Hear the applause and crowd roar as your fandom raises you to new limits. "Come on feel the noise. Girls rock your boys..." Sorry, I got side tracked in a Quiet Riot song \m/\m/. Order and forget it. We'll do the rest. Rockin' Pizza & Groovy eats delivered or ready for pick up on time.

Planning for Success

How much food should I order? This is easy when you know your crowd and concert. A bunch of hungry men and teenagers usually eat a lot more than woman and children. A Jam Up Specialty pizza slice fills a person up more than a slice of cheese.

Just Pizza

  • Adults & Teens. Average 2.5 slices per person
  • Kids. Average 1.5 slices per person. Kids eat more cheese pizza than any other topping or combination.
  • 14" Regular Pizzas are cut in 8 slices. For kids less than 8 years old, ask for your pizzas to be 12 cut.
  • The most popular pizza toppings are pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms.
  • Jam Up Specialties. Generally, men like meat...women like veggies. Our HOUSE OF ROCK has the most popular meat and veggie toppings. The MEAT-A-SAURUS REX is our most popular carnivore pizza. The PLAIN JANE VEGGIE is our most popular veggie pizza. Check out all our Jam Up Specialty pizzas to make your concert Rock!
  • Slices Needed = (slices per person) X (# of people)
  • Total Pizzas Needed = (slices needed) / 8

Groovy Eats Combination Catering

  • Check out our Catering Combos page for easy, quick meal ideas.
  • Ordering Salads, Subs and / or Wings reduces the amount of pizza people eat to about 1.5 slices per person.
  • Peaceful Salad Trays. Half Salad Pan feeds approximately 8 to 10 people. Full Salad Pan feeds approximately 16 to 20.
  • Sub Platter.
  • BuffaLove Wings. Half Pan = 50 wings and feeds approximately 8 to 10 people. Full Pan = 100 wings and feeds approximately 16 to 20 people.
  • Munchies. Our Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks and other Love Sticks are available in 14" Party size and feed approximately 10 to 12 people as an appetizer.
  • We offer whole cakes. Try a half and half cake for some extra fun. The cakes come with 12 – 16 full size slices (depends on which cake). Ask for the slices to be cut in half to double the number of servings and smiles.
  • Don't forget to order ice, cold beverages!

Catering Facts

  • We request 24 hours' notice. However, we can usually take care of your catering needs within a couple of hours' notice depending on size.
  • Our catering orders conveniently come with all the disposable plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, napkins, serving utensils and condiments you'll need.
  • We gladly accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • House Accounts available. See the "Our PLP" page for details.

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